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Video Game Animation developed for InfinityPBR.com

Custom creature rigging and looping animations were made for super slow motion playback. More creatures were animated than are in this video.

Virtual Reality Work 

for OvationVR.com a VR Public Speaking Trainer. Work included rigging, animation, character creation, avatar creation, level design, graphic design, video editing, and more.

2D Motion Graphics 

A 15 second version of this commercial aired on A&E in early 2018. All the artwork and animation was created by Davy in collaboration with Wild Acorn Media. The video can also be seen at SkyRun.com

Why Planes Crash 

Before I graduated I had a job waiting for me. I modeled, textured, rigged, and animated a bunch of plane crashes for The Weather Channel. It was an intense couple of months, and I learned so much. After the show was finished, I decided to return to my original passion - games.

We All Start Somewhere 

beginning my freelance career was full of challenges, but when I put together my 2016 demo reel I was surprised. I had finally broken out of the struggling student stage. Now as a Senior Artist, I like to look back and smile at all the fun I had along the way.

Character Rigging

As an animator I quickly learned that a good rig is crucial for animation. Over the years I've had to re-rig so many characters because the rig I was asked to animated was either broken or had dozens of issues. Knowing what a character needs to do before rigging is also essential. These are a few of the characters I've rigged:



Graphic Design & Motion Graphics

As a digital artist, graphic design has always been a part of what I do. I originally learned Illustrator in order to enter a logo design competition for my art school. When I placed 1st and 3rd I in an "art-school" competition, I realized I had some skill. Motion Graphics naturally followed, and I over the years I've animated numerous intros and logos. Here is some of my graphic design and motion graphic work:


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